This document is suitable for android r&d, operation and other technical personnel to help users quickly integrate android APK security encryption services


Android app encryption is an encryption service for mobile android applications that helps Internet companies and individual developers protect core technologies and intellectual property rights.Users only need to provide the packaged APK file, which can integrate DEX file encryption, SO file shell, anti-secondary packaging and other security functions.For different application security requirements, different levels of security protection functions can be provided, such as high-intensity security confrontation, you can choose to use Java2C, code confusion or KiwiVM .

To deal with the risk

Risk summary

Decompilation DEX files, decompilation SO files, stealing core technologies, stealing sensitive data, implanting malicious viruses, tampering with copyright information, cracking authorization code, cracking communication protocols, secondary packaging and many other security risks.

Source of risk

level describe distribution advice
1 Use apktool, dex2jar, jd-gui, baksmali and other tools to directly obtain Java code 99% crypt the DEX file, or encapsulate the core code in the SO file
2 DexExtractor and other automatic extractor tools are used to extract Java code dynamically from memory data 10% Integrated memory protection, anti-debugging function, and use Java2c technology to convert Java code into C code, and SO shell protection
3 Repair ELF files, decompile the restored SO files using IDA tools, and analyze the core code logic 2% Protect SO files with code obfuscation encryption
4 Eliminate the obfuscation code in SO file and restore the original code automatically 0.5% Virtualization encryption protection for core code
5 Custom CPU instructions can be analyzed and the original CPU instructions can be automatically restored 0.001% Customize upgrade virtualization solutions

Function introduction

name describe Whether free
DEX function encryption The dynamic function of DEX file is extracted and encrypted, and the dynamic decryption is executed at runtime to protect Java code
[The free version encrypts only 20% of the functions randomly, while the enterprise version encrypts all dynamic functions]
SO with shell protection SO file for shell protection,Prevent reverse analysis Paid
DLL whole shell [Unity mobile game]DLL file overall shell protection, Reflector and other tools to decompile extraction C# code Paid
DLL function encryption [Unity mobile game]Extract and encrypt functions of DLL files and perform dynamic decryption at runtime to prevent complete C# code from being dumped in memory Paid
Anti-secondary packing When the application runs, the signature file is dynamically verified. If the verification fails, it will exit to avoid the generation of pirated applications Free
Memory protection Prevents an attacker from tampering with or dumping sensitive data in memory Paid
anti-debug Prevent an attacker from attaching a debugger to the running APP and maliciously analyzing the execution process of the code Paid
Anti-system acceleration hook [Mobile game]Prevent malicious plug-ins from tampering with the time of the mobile phone system to make the accelerators and ensure the fairness of mobile game Paid
SO confounding encryption C, C++ code in SO file for confusing encryption protection
Java2C - confusion Convert Java code into C code through Java 2c technology, and implement code obfuscation protection for Native layer Paid

Method of use

Please refer to the link below for details:


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