Code block scheduling encryption can only be accessed after pruchasing the professonal version.


Source Code Encryption Tool [Security Compiler] is a Native source code encryption tool for Internet companies and individual developers. Similar to a normal compiler, it can compile C, C++, Objective-C, Swift and other source code into binary; however, the difference is that the security compiler can perform three security processing on the code when compiling: 1. logical confusion, deformation, expansion. 2.function call relationship encryption. 3. sensitive strings encryption. With the help of those features, the source code security will be greatly improved, preventing the attacker from decompiling the binary code through the reverse tool such as IDA Pro to tamper or steal the core technology.

Project Type

  • iOS project [APP, dynamic library, static library]
  • Android NDK project [SO dynamic library, static library]

Functional Description

1.Code Obfuscation

Using code warping, code bloat, logic obfuscation at compile stage,can prevent the crack analysis of reverse tools such as IDA Pro

  • View the function flow chart of unencrypted in IDA Pro "1-1"

  • View the function flow chart of encrypted in IDA Pro "1-2"

2.Block Scheduling

Encrypting code references and function calls during the compilation phase can realize function logic hiding and function logic chain breaking, and can prevent static analysis of reverse tools such as IDA Pro.

  • Decompile unencrypted function in IDA Pro "1-5"

  • Using Ida Pro to decompile the encrypted function will fail because the function call relationship is replaced. "1-6"

3.String Encryption

Encrypting sensitive string data to prevent attackers from using keyword search to locate key codes, increasing reverse difficulty

  • View unencrypted string in IDA Pro "1-3"

  • View encrypted string in IDA Pro

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